Bridesmaids Dresses 2014

Lets see whats in store for the Bridesmaids Dresses 2014.  Brides have a lot on their plate because not only do they need to select their bridal gown, they also need to decide on the bridesmaid dresses.  You may think this is an easy task, but it all comes with the territory and talk about wedding blues.  Brides also have their moments of wedding blues when it comes to selecting the Bridesmaid Dresses, specially when they have family members in their court.

I have experienced throughout my years of planning weddings that this is a very emotional time because the bridesmaids most of the time what to select what looks best for them, they figure since they are putting out the money they should be able to select the gown.  Well I think this post should help a few of the newer brides trying to make it a little easier.

1st take into consideration that the bridesmaids will be incurring the fees and it would be best to select a gown that they can also use for any other purpose.  If it helps and I have also seen this you don’t necessarily have to have your court look the same in the same gown.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and go the modern way Bridesmaid Dresses 2014.  So you may be wondering what that is?  Choose a different gown for each of your bridesmaids that you feel may best fit them and just keep the same color and length, or make it different and mix and match colors that work well together.  A good way of doing this is to make a bridesmaids appointment, select multiple gowns, and have the bridesmaids try them on, take pictures to help you make your decision.  Your bridesmaids will really like that they have a choice and they will be very appreciative.  Don’t forget to take pictures, a picture can make help with the decision quicker. I have selected a few Ideas to help you see how fun and different your Bridesmaids Dresses 2014 can be!

Bridesmaids Dresses 2014 2

Pictures Source: Starting on top left Sun kissed by Jenni , bottom left photography by Desi Baytan via Style Me Pretty, Right Side Donna Morgan

I hope you can make this appointment enjoyable, have fun! and remember to always…..


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