Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Reception Ideas:
Finding the perfect Wedding Reception Ideas can be very overwhelming, so I decided to give you a few options to help you along the way.  There are so many styles and options to choose from and the ideas are endless!


Rustic Wedding Reception Ideas



Rustic Weddings are for the bride and groom whom are very close to nature, this themed wedding incorporates lots of wood pieces, and iron rustic looking pieces.  This theme is one of the most commonly used by the simple DIY brides, and are on a low to medium budget.  In this theme you will often see baby’s breath in lots of the decor as this minimizes the cost of the flowers. Although this theme can be used both indoors or for an outdoor reception, it is most commonly seen in outdoor parks, or gardens because the nature scenery plays a big part of the role in the decor !


Vintage Wedding Reception Ideas
Vintage WeddingVintage Weddings is still the number one picker for most brides, as this theme not only brings elegance but it creates a romantic setting using vintage items like lace, candelabras, brass, silver, pearls, candles, teacups, antique pieces, crystals, and soft lighting which adds to the romantic feel.  Brides that decide to have a Vintage Wedding Reception usually go all out and rent an antique car like a Rolls Royce and in some like to hire a cigar roller if the location allows.  For this theme it best suits to have either a string quartet or harpist to play minutes before and as the bride and bridal party walk down the aisle.

Picture Courtesy of: Evoke Photography

Pictures Courtesy of: Evoke Photography


Modern Wedding Reception Ideas
Modern Weddings are also a top picker, usually younger brides love to do modern weddings.  This theme is usually selected by the brides that want something new never seen and likes clean lines, and simplicity.  This theme incorporates lots of lounging furniture and lighting including in some instances found within the furnishings.  This theme can be compared in some instances to the club look.  In most of these Modern Wedding Reception Ideas, you will see the use of spheres, and cylinder shaped frosted or stained glass vases.  One of the most important rules to remember when creating this look is to keep it simple, and to repeat the shapes throughout your decor, example if you have square white vases then it is recommended to use square glass plates on your table decor.

I hope you find your favorite of the Wedding Reception Ideas, until then….. Signature-POST

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