DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Are you planning you own Wedding? Here are a few DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas

DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas – Aisle Decorations with Candles and Rose Petals

Ceremony_pale green whiteThis is a very simple DIY decoration down the Aisle.  All you need is some Glass Cylinders you can either have round or square cylinders and fill with water, the design feature in this picture shown has two different sizes of cylinders next to each other a tall one and a much smaller one, then all you need to do is place a floating candle color of your choice to  match with your wedding colors.  To finalize this look you can add rose petals in between the candle cylinders you can be creative by adding a second color if you so desire.


DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas- Wedding Aisle Chandeliers

Wedding AisleChandeliers

Here is another very unique Idea, using chandeliers down the Aisle, this is a very romantic setting, and works really good when having an outdoor setting evening wedding.  If you are a girl that likes Crystals, then this may be something to consider.  In this design, not only do you have the chandeliers but what gives the softness touch is the use of the lower flowers in vases at the floor in between each chandelier, Iove it because the bride can add flowers to bring color into her decor not taking away from the chandeliers.

DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas- Flower Balls

Flower Balls_Wedding-Aisle-Decoration-Ideas


This is a very Simple DIY Project that adds color to your Wedding Aisle.  You can purchase the round foam at your local craft shop and insert flower of choice, once you are done completely filling up the flower ball then take a ribbon with a push pin and ready to hang on your chairs. You can get creative in this project and use multiple color flower balls or you can layer the flower balls with a variety of flowers.


DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas – For the Simple Girl

Simple DIY Down the Aisle Ribbon abd RoseThis is a simple decoration for the simple girls that don’t like too much decoration, and also a cost effective DIY project.  All you need are Satin Ribbons and single roses with stem. Simply attach the rose with stem to the side of the chair with a clear tape, then simply wrap a bow with the satin ribbon letting the ribbon fall to the floor.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple DIY Wedding Ideas!






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