Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas 

HangingFlower tealights

Hanging Tea Lights
I Love These hanging tea lights.  You can purchase the glass tea light holders from your local craft store like Michaels.com and incorporate your wedding colors into the holder by simply gluing flowers or moss if you are doing a green wedding.  Or if you preffer you can just simply add them to your decor with a battery tea lights which also give you the flexibility of having colored lighting.


Hanging Lanterns
If you are planning a more vintage look, or an outside or garden wedding, then these hanging lanters are perfect.  I love that you can have the candles without having to worry if the candle wax will fall on your guests and the subtle light is very romantic and creates a very inviting atmosphere.  This gives you the opportunity to have Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas that will leave your guests with something to talk about with little effort.  Hanging lanterns are also available in various colors and sizes so you can create your own look!

Hanging Crystals and tealights

Hanging Crystals & hanging beaded tea lights
I love the look the hanging crystals and beaded tea lights give to the wedding centerpiece.  It gives your wedding centerpiece elegance, and you can pretty much add this to any decoration in your wedding.  These hanging Crystals & hanging beaded tea lights are available for purchase, simply let us know the quantity desired and date needed by.

hanging ribbon flowers

Hanging Ribbon Flowers & Crustal tear drops
This is a very unique and creative idea for decoration at your wedding!  If you are a crafty person and are looking for a great cost effective DIY wedding, then this is perfect idea.  You can obtain the ribbon, teardrop shaped crystals and flowers at your local craft store, simply look for the flowers that best match your decor use an accent 2 to 3 inch ribbon and simply tie your flowers and teardrop crystals at the ends, and there you have it!

Hanging Mason Jars
Hanging Mason Jars
Another popular hanging decoration is the Hanging mason Jars.  With these mason jars you can also add fabric flowers just attach to the jars with glue or if you prefer instead of having the flowers on the outside, place the flowers in the inside of the mason jar and glue the tea light in the center if the flower.  These mason jars are available for purchase, simply let us know the quantity and date desired.



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