Pink & Orange Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board


Pink & Orange Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board is very Elegant, from the chandeliers used at the reception, to the draped linens…..

This Ceremony took place at Rancho Santa Fe, I love what they did with this design, They added a vintage touch to the décor by placing two vintage sofas with accented pillows to soften the look and ad color which were placed along the side and the detail of the hanging paper garlands in the pink and orange are a great idea!

Want to create this look for your wedding?
For some brides creating a vintage look can be a little overwhelming, since there are so many different items you can use, here I will be sharing with you a few ideas, and where you can find most of these items.  Glass Charger Plates make a statement when creating this look!  You can use either gold or silver glass charger plates.  If you want to keep your cost down, you can also use acrylic charger plates in place of glass.  In most cases if you are having your wedding at a venue, the venue usually offers draping, if so all you need to do is let them know you want the colors to be layered like you see in the picture.  You can also find the draping used in this Pink & Orange Vintage Wedding Inspiration Board at your local fabric store, or simply rent from a party supply.

For your guest favors, you have endless options, I will give you a few…. You can place vintage soaps on sash bags, or you can have fun with a DIY project what I call the “Vintage Potpourri Sash” you can do this by purchasing 3-4 rolls of ribbon about 1/8 of an inch and 1-2 yards of off-white lace.  You will need to  cut in circles, about the size of a round mouse pad, if you don’t have a mouse pad use a piece of cardboard box and cut a circle then use it as your guide so that all your material will be cut the same.  Next purchase potpourri, you can get the bags at Wal-Mart.  Next you place about a handful of the potpourri in the center of the cut lace, and pick up all the edges creating a pouch.  Then use the ribbon to tie the pouch!  These favors will keep your reception smelling great and your guests can take them to hang in their car rear view mirror or hang somewhere in their home for fragrance. Don’t forget to add a little favor tag to the ribbon you can create these on your home computer and print in card-stock ivory paper and punch a little whole with a whole puncher.

Want to add more Elegance?
Adding more elegance can be done by using candle votive you can purchase long crystal votives, and you can also purchase little candles which you can also give to your guests as a favor.

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

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