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Wedding Ideas using colors Purple, Eggplant, Plum or Lilac

Wedding Ideas This year I have seen Brides selecting Eggplant, Purple and lavender tones for their wedding.  I will share with you several wedding ideas you can use for your wedding if you decided to use any of these colors or combinations.  One of the themes now trending is a Vintage Theme, this is a top picker for the brides when they combine any of the purple tones.

One of the favors you can do is a Candle Favor; you can never go wrong with candles women love them.  For this project you will need tulle (Found on the Wedding candy favors section), votive candle, hot glue, ribbon, and small broach.  You can find your supplies at your local craft store. You can purchase the broach online, or from a fabric and /or vintage store. You can choose to either select the candle alone or purchase the ones that come in the glass container.  First we start by placing the round tulle on a flat surface, and then you place the votive/candle in the middle of the tulle, pick of the edges of the tulle towards the top center and tie together with the ribbon color of choice.  Finally using the glue gun place the broach in the center of the ribbon.

This is a great favor, ads a special touch and it is usually seen mostly on outside ceremonies or receptions during the summer time.  All you need is to select the color of your ink the kit comes complete with instructions.

<Click here> to find this item on our on-line store, simply select wedding favors from the drop down menu and type Fan Kit, then select on your right to purchase and view more about the kit.

You will need; Eggplant color hydrangeas, Vintage broaches, 2” ribbon color of choice (this is for the handle of the bouquet), a plastic bouquet handle, stem-cutter or scissor, half moon Styrofoam, Fillers such as Beaded pins, feathers, pears or crystals, sating purple fabric (about the size of a plate-mat), hot glue gun, and flower wire.  You can find most of theses items in your local craft store, if you go to Michaels you can save 40% when you print out their store coupon.  To begin attaché the Styrofoam to the plastic bouquet handle with hot glue, be sure to remove any access as to make your bouquet the proper dimensions you would like.  I then like to make sure my bouquet will be firm and wont come apart, therefore using the fabric place over the Styrofoam/bouquet and using the flower wire wrap around the base of the handle to secure it in place, be sure to cut out the excess fabric, this will be finished off later.  Once this is done, you can start gluing in the flowers, you can use pins more secure.  Following gluing of the brooches, and then finish off the look by incorporating any additional touches of feathers, beads and pearls making sure you fill all the areas.  Once you have completed Finalize by wraping the 2″ ribbon securing each strand you twirl with hot glue, once you have glued the handle cut-off a long piece if ribbon and wrap creating a bow at the base of the handle.

Picture Credits:  Wedding Ideas #1-Vintage Theme Fan Favors by Ashley Terhune Photography; Wedding Ideas #3- “Vintage Brooch Bouquet in Eggplant Color” 

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