5 Winter Bridal Shower Ideas

For the Brides planning a Winter Wedding, here are 5  Winter Bridal Shower Ideas: One of the Winter items I like is the Pine cone, primarily because of the scent.  It is very pleasant and the aroma gives your winter wedding theme a special touch. The great thing about the pine cones is that not only are they not expensive, you also have the opportunity to combine it with various colors.

 5 Winter Bridal Shower Ideas

Photography By Lisa Hessen Photography

1.  Place cards:  For this project your will need card stock preferred color of choice , clear labels, or you can purchase the blank place cards from your local craft store. this is the 1st of the 5 winter bridal shower ideas which is very simple but nice.  All you need to do is after typing in the persons name and table number, place once card per pine cone, use hot-glue if necessary.

2. Centerpiece Arrangements: For this project you will need per arrangement one tall glass vase, 4-5 pine cones, glass beads for weight, four white hydrangeas and a mansanita or tree branch that has crystals glued to it making it look like snow, or you can also choose snow-like branches if you prefer. And last but not least three hanging crystal teardrops, or snowflakes of your choice. To Assemble, first you need to add water to the cylinder vase, then fill first with glass beads followed by the pine cones, once you have finished this then insert your hydrangeas and insert the tree branch in the center of the hydrangeas, make sure to push the tree branch down into the crystals to keep in place.  Once this is all set, then add the final touches by attaching the tear drops or snow flakes to the branches.

5 Winter Bridal Shower Ideas

Flowers By Sarah Winward

3. Bridesmaid Bouquets: For this project you will need pine cones on branches, and white roses or mix with white hydrangeas, floral wire, floral tape and ribbon color of choice.  Assemble all the white flowers together and incorporate the pine cone branches throughout the arrangement as you are holding it together start wrapping the floral wire to keep the the flowers in place making sure that the arrangement is tightly together.  After you have secured the arrangement, use the floral tape to tape around the wire and branches and finally using your ribbon color of choice wrap with around the floral tape overlaying each time you go around in a circle to make sure the entire section is completely covered, once you get to the top, make a double knot leave some of the ribbon hanging for added color or if you prefer cut the ribbon after you double knot.

4. Ceremony Aisle Decor: For this project of the 5 winter bridal shower ideas you will need large cylinder vases, floating round large white candles, glass beads and pine cones.  Simply fill the bottom with a hand-full of glass beads to hold the vase from tipping over, fill the glass cylinder container with pine cones and then add water leaving 3 inches from the top to place the floating candle.

5. Boutonniere: For this project of the 5 winter bridal shower ideas you will need a single , small pine cone with pine leaves, floral wire, white ribbon or ribbon color of choice and pin.  Using the floral wire wrap around the pine cone, and finish by wrapping the ribbon around the wire then place the pin on the ribbon for the groom & groomsmen to pin on their jackets.

I hope you enjoy creating your 5 Winter Bridal Shower Ideas!



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